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Acai Berry: Slowing the Aging Process?

Though it is a relatively new discovery, the benefits of the acai berry have been quickly spreading throughout the globe. Antioxidant properties, essential vitamins and minerals as well as even some potential for fighting cancer have been mentioned. What can’t this little berry do?

Acai Berry

One of the prominent factors in the acai berry’s benefits, though it’s little known, is the fact that it has anti-aging properties. Even among other famous fruits and natural remedies for aging, acai has become one of the foremost foods for slowing the again process. The acai berry contains certain trace minerals not found in most other products, as well as amino acids that aids in muscle contraction and even regeneration that slows the destruction of the skin leading to the looks of aging.

Another factor that has been discovered to help in slowing the aging process is the fatty acids found in acai berries. Monounsaturated oleic acid as well as omega 3 fish oils are important in the fact that they are found in the cell membrane and help to make it flexible which in turn helps different functions of the body, such as neurotransmitters, insulin receptors and hormones work more efficiently. With these working ably, inflammation is reduced or diminished, which is the number one cause of aging.

Acai has also been proven to be an excellent source of anthocyanins, a influential class of antioxidants that promotes good circulation, relaxes blood vessels, prevents blood clots and arthrosclerosis, and has even shown promising results for fighting cancer. Not only this, but acai berries also contain more calcium than milk, therefore encouraging healthy bones and teeth, another important factor in the aging process.

As the skin is the most important organ of the body when speaking of aging, it is obviously the most vital to keep healthy to stem the process of aging and slow it down. Acai is rich in so many vitamins and minerals to help the skin healthy. Some of these include phytosterols, vitamins C and E, manganese, chromium, copper and boron. Not only this, but acai is also low in calories, contains no cholesterol, and is high in fiber and calcium. Acai has even been known to reverse the signs of again due to their powerful antioxidants, which is ten times as potent as a red grape.

Acai is not only available on the shelves as an edible product. As cosmetologists and beauty companies became aware of these anti-aging benefits, they started producing certain goods that would aid those who were looking for a more youthful complexion. These include shampoos and conditioners, facial and body creams, and even acai oil, which can be stored for long periods of time.

Due to the acai’s amazing benefits and antioxidant inclusion, it has become one of the most revolutionary fruits of today’s society in the anti-aging group. Scientists are still working on finding out all of it’s potential and who knows what they will discover in years and perhaps just in the months to come?

Acai is definitly a superfood worth including in your healthy diet, however, there's another super fruit on the rise with even more nutritional power than the popular Acai berry. This fruit is also grown in the Amazons and is often referred to as the "Pharmacy in a Fruit". This incredible new discovery is called the Cupuacu. Cupuacu contains more nutrients, is better tasting, keeps better than Acai. Some claim that the cupuacu can even cure any ailment. Click here to read more about the Cupuacu Fruit.

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